Flex Day Information - Monday, January 15th

Because we did not have school today, then Monday, January 15th will be a Flex Day for Southmont Schools’ students.  Students will access assignments and communicate with teachers from home.  Staff will be in the buildings and will have office hours from 10:00-11:30 a.m.  All buildings will be open for students who wish to eat breakfast or lunch at school, or who need access to wifi, but transportation will need to be provided by parents (NOTE:  students may attend any school to eat or access wifi).  If extraordinary circumstances require transportation for your child, please contact Mr. Brewer, Director of Transportation, at 765-362-0542 or eric.brewer@southmont.k12.in.us.  Those who do come to school will be dismissed at 12:00 p.m.

In order to get some idea of how many students might show up, we ask that you please complete the form below before Monday morning indicating whether your child will attend for breakfast and/or lunch.


A couple of notes of interest:

  1. If your child experiences technical issues while accessing online information with a school-provided device or account, please call your child’s school and you will be directed to our Technology Department to assist you.
  2. All students in grades K-2 who access wifi using a school-issued iPad will be required to enter their school network login information.  The login screen will show once connected to wifi and a student tries to navigate the web in Safari (it will be a blue screen that has a space for Username and Password - see attached picture).  Their login information is as follows:
    Username:  firstname.lastname (enter your child's first name, a period and then their last name)
    Password:  capital first intial lowercase last initial student/lunch ID
    For example, Johnny Smith with a lunch account number of 9876543 would login as UN: johnny.smith, PW: Js9876543

Thank you for your patience as we all work together to make this a successful first eLearning experience.  We understand that there may be various glitches to overcome, but we know flexibility is the key.  Schools will work with students who experience issues so that any future experiences run as smoothly as possible.

For additional guidance, please click here.